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Where To Hide Your Spare Keys

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In a perfect world, you would never have to worry about hiding a spare key. Everyone in your home would simply never lose their keys. The reality is that keys are lost and never found all the time. Until you can get a replacement made, you may rely on your "spares." When you hide your spare house and car keys, be creative and safe with your choices.

House Keys

Television sitcoms often show their characters hiding keys underneath the doormat or potted plant right by the entrance to their homes. Of course, these are the spots where thieves look first. You can keep a spare house key handy while making it difficult for anyone else to find. One suggestion is to fill a jar with a variety of keys, all slightly different from the actual spare. You can then mix the "real" key into the jar. For this method to work, you will have to remember how your key actually looks, and you will have to exercise patience. Digging through these keys will require a certain time investment, which will irritate you but discourage thieves. You can also approach your neighbors about keeping your key under their potted plant, a method guaranteed to frustrate any potential burglar. 

Car Keys

Many people still use the magnetic key holder to hide their spare vehicle keys. Of course, car thieves are well-versed in this method, so if you use the key holder, you will need to be creative about its placement. Only hide a door key on the outside of your car. Hide the ignition key separately to make stealing your vehicle more difficult. Consider placing the key box on the ledge behind the tire well. You can also affix the key to the inside of your fuel door. If the magnet doesn't work there, you can try taping it to the surface. Another idea is to keep the key in a safe deposit box. Getting to it will take you some time, but you will not have to worry about thieves. 

You will undoubtedly lose a key or two in your lifetime, which might require you to get replacement keys and, if your security is at stake, replacement locks. In the short-term, you can use your spare keys to gain entrance to your home or car. Take the time to store these spares in safe and creative places to make it difficult for thieves to find them. Contact a locksmith, like Suburban Lock, for further help.