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Facts About Home Security Every Homeowner Needs To Know

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Knowing your home is secure is important, so learning more about it is vital to yours and your family's safety. Most people know that locking their doors at night and making sure the garage door is locked is important to prevent burglars from entering. However, you may be surprised at how some thieves can access your home, even while you are home in broad daylight. Check out these ways burglars can get into your home and how you can take steps to prevent it from happening to you.

Stop Hiding Your Spare Keys In Obvious Places

If you are like many other homeowners, you may have a spare key hidden in a fake rock in your shrubbery or under the front mat. You should know that most thieves know exactly where to look for your spare keys, especially if they are hidden in well known paces like inside the fake rock. Instead, hiding a spare key under your dog's house is best. Not many burglars are going to think of looking under your dog's house for a spare key. Also, never keep a spare key in your wallet because if your wallet gets stolen, a thief will not only have your house key, but your address on driver's license.

Replace Your Wired Security System With Wireless Monitoring

If your home security system is wired, it is generally tied in to your home phone. Many thieves know this and make sure to cut your phone line before breaking into your house. If you have a wireless security system, your chances of deterring thieves are greater because they know they cannot thwart your system. Contact professional locksmith services like San Pedro Lock & Key for having your wired security system switched over to a wireless one.

Taking A Close Look At Doggy Doors

If someone is determined to get into your home, crawling through a doggy door is an option. If your house has a special door for Fido to come and go as he please, choosing one that has a motion sensor on it is best. You can have a locksmith service install motion detectors on your dog's door to prevent burglars from entering it undetected.

Thieves Work A Great Deal During Daytime Hours

Real-life burglars are not always like the ones in the movies, especially when it comes to only breaking into a house during the cover of darkness. Many burglars break into homes during the day because they are not expected to, making it fairly easy to go in and take what they please, especially when homeowners are working. Take steps to make it appear as though you are at home during the day. Leave a television playing loud enough to be heard outside. If you do not have a home security system, be sure to have one installed as soon as possible to avoid the loss of your property to a burglar.

Taking steps to ensure your home is secure and as safe to live in as possible is important, contact a professional locksmith today to learn how you can start securing your home.