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Choosing New Door Locks

Alternatives To Throwing Away Keys

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If you are like many people, your home has a junk drawer that contains old and seemingly useless keys. They could be from cars you don’t own anymore and apartments you haven’t lived in for decades. They have a way of piling up over the years, especially after you’ve had your locks replaced. Instead of tossing these keys into the garbage and ultimately in the landfill, you can find ways to reuse or re-purpose them. Recycling Recycling companies in your area may take old keys in their “mixed metal” bin. They are then melted down like other metal items and reused. If you want to be charitable with your old keys, you can mail them to one of several organizations that accept them. They then sell them to be recycled and give the money to worthy organizations. Just a little time and trouble on your part will both clean out your drawers and benefit others. Handy Home Uses You often need metal weights around the house for one purpose or another. Old keys fit this bill rather handily. You can use the old keys to weigh down the bottom of your drapes to keep them hanging straight. If you are throwing a birthday party, you can hold down the balloons by tying them to an old key. If you work outdoors, an old key makes a great tool for scraping the mud out of your shoe and boot treads. You can also use a key to make your own plumb line that is useful for hanging pictures and making straight lines for painting trim.  Decoration Old keys can be used to decorate you and your home. If you like funky accessories, you can buy a charm bracelet and hang old keys off of it for an unusual look. You can also choose the keys that remind you of significant milestones—first car, first apartment, etc. When you need to keep the kids busy, you can let them fashion a wind chime out of these relics, using yarn or twine to attach them. You can also let the kids use them to create art with construction paper and glue. As time passes, your key collection grows. If you’ve accumulated a drawer-full of old keys, get creative with them around the house. If nothing else, recycle them the next time you have to buy a replacement key or lock for your home. Check out for more information on keys and lock...

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Three Signs That Someone May Be Coming Into Your Business Without Your Knowledge

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Many small business owners make the mistake of thinking that they do not have to worry about someone breaking into their business unless they have a broken window or the door is bashed in. That is not the case at all, though. There are many times when small businesses are broken into without any major damage being done. Use the guide below to learn three ways to tell if someone may be breaking into your business without your knowledge. Inspect the Locks on the Doors Closely The first thing you want to do is to look closely at the locks on the door. Use a magnifying glass to look for small scratches or cracks near the portion of the lock where the key slides into the hole. When you use a key to open a door, the sides of the lock generally do not become damaged because the key simply slips into the door. When someone uses burglary tools to break into the door, the slender tools can often scratch the door as they are moved back and forth to pop the lock. Check the Frame of the Doors Next, you need to look closely at the frames of the doors. Open the door and look at the opening where the tab connected to the door handle goes into the frame to secure the door. Potential burglars will sometimes slip a wadded piece of paper into the small opening to keep the door from securing all the way when you go to close the door. They can simply slip a small tool between the door and the little tab and push it toward the door to release it from the frame. Remove the paper if you notice any paper in the hole. If you see scratches on the frame of the door, someone may be using a credit card to open the door, as well. Set Up a Trap for Former Employees If you have former employees that may have had duplicate copies of your key created, you can set up a trap for them by sprinkling a powdery substance, such as flour or powdered sugar onto the floor near the door right before you close up for the evening. The next time you come into your store, you will be able to tell if anyone has walked through the substance, which will let you know if someone has come into your business without your knowledge. If you find any of these issues, have a locksmith, like Scottsdale Locksmithing, change the locks on your doors right away. You may also want to get a security system for your business to ensure that no one is able to gain access to your business without your knowledge again....

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Beef Up Security At Your Home So That You Can Enjoy Time Spent Traveling

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If you are going to be traveling to a few of your favorite destinations this summer, but are wary about leaving your home because of the risk of theft, beef up security by utilizing the following options. As a result, you won’t be as likely to be the victim of a burglary while enjoying time spent away from your residence.. Security System That Is Controlled By Phone Purchase a security system that you control with your phone so that you can keep a close eye on what is going on while you are away. Many security plans offer a wide range of features, including voice activation, night vision, scheduled alerts, and more. A residential locksmith can be hired to help you program your system so that you are comfortable using it while away. In the case of an emergency, you will be able to contact authorities quickly to apprehend a thieve or check your residence for an intruder.  Locking Devices That Look Like Common Items  Instead of placing your jewelry, cash, family heirlooms, or any other item of value inside of a standard safe or lock box, utilize items that a thief would not think to look inside of. Some companies that sell safes and locks also sell a line of security devices that will blend in with items that are already inside of your home. An empty drink can or medicine bottle are two examples of items that a locking device may be designed to look like. A key will be included with your purchase so that you can gain access to your belongings as needed. It is a good idea to have duplicate copies of the key made so that you can bring one with you on your trip and hide a couple others on your residence’s property in case you misplace it. Portable GPS With Motion Sensor A portable GPS (Global Positioning System) with motion sensor will alert you if an item is moved from the property that you own. Although this type of device will not prevent theft altogether, it will give you a heads up immediately, which will allow you to track a possession in order to reclaim it. A portable unit can be hooked up quickly and moved and attached to a different item that you own in the future if desired. You can program your system so that you receive alerts at standard times throughout each day or only when an item is moved inside of your home or in your yard. All of these security options will help you remain calm and relaxed while away from home. If you find that they work well when you are traveling, opt to use them on a daily basis to assist with keeping your property protected at all...

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Checklist For Delegating An Emergency Locksmith

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One part of a great vehicle safety plan is having an emergency locksmith on hand. Some people may wait until they are locked out to look for a locksmith, but by locating a reliable company ahead of time you’ll save yourself the hassle of scrambling for help. Here are some qualities to evaluate when picking an emergency locksmith.   Accessibility  The best 24-hour locksmith services will have multiple ways of reaching them in a pinch. For instance, do they have an emergency hotline that is operated 24 hours a day? Some locksmiths will list both a regular office number and a direct emergency telephone number for use at odd hours. These are the best emergency locksmiths to keep on hand since you can simply store the number in your car and have it as a safeguard for whenever you may need it.  Location Flexibility  Some locksmiths operate under a strict service region. But there are times when you’re stranded well outside of a major city and you need someone to come out to your far-out location. In this case, there are 24-hour locksmith companies that may extend their service range for an additional fee. You may need to pay a flat fee or extra mileage, for instance, but it’s much better than being towed back into the city to find a nearby locksmith.  Guaranteed Time Frame Another feature that can be useful in a locksmith emergency is a company that will guarantee the timing of their service. For instance, you might look for companies that guarantee they will be available at your location within 30 minutes of you placing a call. Of course, this will work only if you are in their target service area. These guarantees can cut down the anxiety of not knowing how long you’ll wait for locksmith service.  Good Insurance You may also want to choose a company with great insurance. This is especially true if you have a keyless car since those remote systems can be very expensive to replace if something goes wrong. A great emergency locksmith should be under a bond that will help guarantee that you are compensated for any damage that occurs.  By taking these factors into account, you can select a 24-hour locksmith (such as one from National Lock & Safe Co) that will be available and reliable 24 hours of the day. Be sure to keep their numbers in with other important auto documentation so that you have it whenever you need...

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2 Reasons To Consider A Gun Safe For Your Vehicle

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One of the most important accessories that you can purchase for your firearms is a gun safe. While most gun safes are intended for use in your home, there are a number of safes on the market that are intended for use in your vehicle. Listed below are just two reasons to consider an automobile gun safe. Large Number Of Styles A big reason to consider an automobile gun safe is that there are a large number of styles available that can handle a wide variety of firearms. For example, you can choose to purchase a console gun safe that fits into your vehicle’s center console to provide a secure location for a handgun. Another option for a handgun is a gun safe that can hold the pistol and several magazines that can be mounted underneath or on the sides of your seat. When it comes to vaults for rifles or shotguns, there are several types of firearm vaults available. For example, these vaults can often hold one or two rifles in a large metal vault that is mounted in the trunk of your car, underneath your rear seats, or in the bed of a truck. Improved Firearm Security Another major reason to consider an automobile gun safe is that you simply cannot take your firearms anywhere that you like. Even with a concealed carry permit and a registered firearm, you still cannot simply walk into Federal buildings, businesses that have chosen to disallow firearms on the premises, or courthouses. In those situations, you really do not want to simply leave the firearm in the vehicle because someone could easily break into your vehicle and walk away with your expensive and dangerous piece of property. Thankfully, an automobile gun safe can help ensure that it will take a lot more time and effort for a potential thief to access your firearm, not to mention making it more difficult for a thief to even be aware of the firearm’s presence since many of the safes are meant to be hidden from view. In addition, this type of gun safe can also help keep your firearm in good condition in the event of an accident. This is because many of the gun safes for your vehicle are very durable and often fireproof. Contact a local gun safe dealer, such as Stack Arms, today in order to discuss which automobile safe would be the best fit for your vehicle, firearm, and budget. This type of gun safe can come in a very large number of different styles and greatly improve the security of your firearm if it must be left in the vehicle....

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Facts About Home Security Every Homeowner Needs To Know

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Knowing your home is secure is important, so learning more about it is vital to yours and your family’s safety. Most people know that locking their doors at night and making sure the garage door is locked is important to prevent burglars from entering. However, you may be surprised at how some thieves can access your home, even while you are home in broad daylight. Check out these ways burglars can get into your home and how you can take steps to prevent it from happening to you. Stop Hiding Your Spare Keys In Obvious Places If you are like many other homeowners, you may have a spare key hidden in a fake rock in your shrubbery or under the front mat. You should know that most thieves know exactly where to look for your spare keys, especially if they are hidden in well known paces like inside the fake rock. Instead, hiding a spare key under your dog’s house is best. Not many burglars are going to think of looking under your dog’s house for a spare key. Also, never keep a spare key in your wallet because if your wallet gets stolen, a thief will not only have your house key, but your address on driver’s license. Replace Your Wired Security System With Wireless Monitoring If your home security system is wired, it is generally tied in to your home phone. Many thieves know this and make sure to cut your phone line before breaking into your house. If you have a wireless security system, your chances of deterring thieves are greater because they know they cannot thwart your system. Contact professional locksmith services like San Pedro Lock & Key for having your wired security system switched over to a wireless one. Taking A Close Look At Doggy Doors If someone is determined to get into your home, crawling through a doggy door is an option. If your house has a special door for Fido to come and go as he please, choosing one that has a motion sensor on it is best. You can have a locksmith service install motion detectors on your dog’s door to prevent burglars from entering it undetected. Thieves Work A Great Deal During Daytime Hours Real-life burglars are not always like the ones in the movies, especially when it comes to only breaking into a house during the cover of darkness. Many burglars break into homes during the day because they are not expected to, making it fairly easy to go in and take what they please, especially when homeowners are working. Take steps to make it appear as though you are at home during the day. Leave a television playing loud enough to be heard outside. If you do not have a home security system, be sure to have one installed as soon as possible to avoid the loss of your property to a burglar. Taking steps to ensure your home is secure and as safe to live in as possible is important, contact a professional locksmith today to learn how you can start securing your...

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How To Fix A Sliding Patio Door Lock

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If you have a sliding patio door lock, it will eventually malfunction. You feel like you are going to pull the lock off the door once you get the key to open it.  Here are some tips to fix a sliding patio door lock. Gather Tools and Adjust the Lock For this project, you need: tape measure pliers Philips screwdriver wire brush dust pan broom graphite pen replacement lock Check the lock track for dirt and debris that could be causing the lock to stick. Clean dirt with the broom and dust pan. Look for an adjusting screw close to the lock mechanism. Rotate the screw with a screwdriver to the right so it protrudes further out of the lock recess. If that doesn’t help, rotate the screw to the left so it settles deeper in the recess. Test the lock again. Fix a Key That Sticks in The Lock If the key gets stuck in the lock, insert a graphite pen on the outer lock on the key hole. Place the lock in the keyhole, and insert and remove the key several times. Squeeze more graphite in the hole as needed. Avoid applying more graphite if the key still sticks, because it gums the lock. If graphite fails to repair the lock, replace it. Replace the Lock Slide the door completely open to prevent injury. Detach the screws inside the handle securing the lock mechanism with the screwdriver. Remove the exterior and interior handle off the door, and grip the latch to keep it from falling in the door while you pull the cylinder. Loosen the top and bottom screws from the handle holes with the screwdriver, but don’t remove the screwdriver. Grasp the lower latch face, and tilt it up to free the latch from the door. Save the old lock as a guide to buy and install a new one. Take measurements of the tail piece on the old lock cylinder, and transfer this measurement on the new tail piece with a marker. Snap the notches of the new tail piece with the pliers to match the length of the old cylinder tail piece. Attach the new lock in the cylinder at a slight angle, and tighten the screws. Insert the cylinder in the outer lock opening, set the handle on top of the cylinder, and remove the screwdriver. Reattach the inside handle, and tighten the screws. Your sliding patio door lock should work as good as new. If the new lock still doesn’t work, or you don’t trust your skill, hire a locksmith to fix the lock or replace...

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Taking Care Of The Things Around Your Home

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If you are a new home owner, you want to make sure you have a clear understanding of the different areas to stay on top of around your home. By properly maintaining your home you will help to ensure your home doesn’t get damaged and cost you a lot of money in repairs. This article will touch on maintenance tips for your plumbing, roof, central air conditioning system and locks. Plumbing Your plumbing system needs to be kept free of debris and items that shouldn’t be put down the drain or garbage disposal. Make sure you never put oil or grease down the drains. Never put egg shells, bones, fruit pits, pasta and fibrous foods into the garage disposal.  Also, don’t flush anything down your toilet except human waste and toilet paper. You can clean your drains by putting white vinegar and baking soda into them. This mixture will cause a fizzing foam to develop that will help to clear the drains of gunk. Allow the moisture to fizz for a few minutes, then rinse it down with hot water. Roofing The first thing you want to check is that your rain gutters are free of leaves, twigs and other debris. Otherwise, rain water can cause damage to the sides of your house and even to the edges of your roof. Cut back any tree branches that are getting too close to the roof. Watch for roof damage that comes in the form of leaks, damaged shingles or missing shingles. Have these problems taken care of as soon as possible or they can lead to worse problems. Central air conditioning system One of the most important things for you to do for your central air conditioning system is to check the air filter regularly and clean or replace it when it’s dirty. Also, dust off the registers in each room to cut down on the amount of allergens that get blown into the rooms. Make sure all the registers are open so too much pressure isn’t put on the system, leading to the development of leaks. Check the compressor outside and make sure it isn’t taking on too much direct sunlight. If it is, then add an awning or something to give it shade. Also, keep the area directly around it free of debris, weeds and other foliage growth. Window and door locks You want to make sure your home is secured with good window and door locks. This will help to decrease your chances of having someone break right in to your house and steal whatever they want, or even vandalize the place. Have a locksmith come out to your home and look at all the locks. They can change out any they feel aren’t good and replace them with secure ones. Contact a lock business, such as Hicks Safes & Locks Inc, for more information.  Now that you have a little better understanding of some basic things to do to care for the systems around your home, you can keep things going smoothly and prevent some repair issues....

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Make Sure the Locks in Your Home Offer You Security

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If you are concerned about the security of your house, then the first thing to do is make sure your doors and windows aren’t easy targets. If your doors or windows don’t have strong enough locks, then it may be possible for a burglar to easily get into your house. To determine whether or not you should have your locks changed, consider the following: Do your doors have movement? Shut and lock your doors. Pull on the doorknob and see if they give and have a bit of movement. If the doors do wiggle then there is the chance that a burglar will be able to fit certain tools between the door and the frame in order to get the door to open. In this case, you may need a new door, a protective plate, a new frame, and/or a new doorknob set. Do all outside doors have deadbolts? No matter what type of locks you have on the doors that lead to the outside, if they don’t have deadbolts then you are taking a gamble. Burglars can get very good at picking locks or even breaking through them using other methods. However, a deadbolt is a very difficult, if not impossible, lock for them to get through. Do your windows move when they are locked? Lock your windows and see if you can move them at all. You can try shifting the window from both the bottom and top part of the frame to see if there is any movement. If there is, then there is the chance that a burglar will be able to work the window open even when you have it locked.   Does your sliding glass door move? Sliding glass doors are often very big targets for burglars. This is due to the fact that there are several methods they can use to get them open if the doors don’t have a very good lock system in place. A sliding glass door may need a good lock in the middle, as well as ones on the top and bottom, to truly secure it from being an easy target. If you find any weaknesses in the locks, doors, or windows around your house, then you should call a locksmith from a company like Rahn’s Best Lock Service to come out and have a look. They will be able to educate you on problem areas and give you suggestions on how to better secure your home. They will also be able to make those changes for...

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Minimizing Robbery Risk In Your Small Business

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If you just opened your own small business, you will need to take steps in making sure it is safeguarded against potential thieves. There are ways you can increase the security of a small business by adding deterrents and obstacles to your building. Here are a few tips to try in keeping bandits from trying to gain entry to your business. Add Hi-Security Locks When someone purchases or rents a new building, they will most likely change the locks so no one can use a previously used key to get inside. When hiring a commercial locksmith, such as Irvine Lock & Key, to swap your locks, opt for single or double-cylinder deadbolts on your doors. These locks do not contain springs, making them less likely to be broken to gain entry. Single-cylinder locks open from the outside with a key but use a twist knob on the interior portion of the door for closing. Double-cylinder locks use a key on both the exterior and interior of the lock, making them more secure, but risky if there was an emergency and the key was inaccessible.  Use Lighting To Deter When there is ample illumination within and around a building, theft is less likely to occur as thieves will need to be in sight to get or be inside the building. This often scares away people from trying to steal as they may be seen by someone walking or driving past. Place motion detecting lights around your building to scare off people who get to close. Switch the lighting inside each night instead of leaving the same lights on. This way a thief cannot plan out their method of getting inside as they will not know which portion of the building will be in view. It is a good idea to put lights on timers and switch the lights throughout the night to further complicate robbery chances. Scare Thieves With Security Measures Placing an alarm system in your building is a good idea to keep robbers from getting inside. If a thief trips an alarm, they will most likely run away from the building so they do not get caught in action. Placing cameras around your building can also keep robbers from continuing to try to get inside. If they see a blinking light on a camera, they will retreat so the are not arrested.  If you cannot afford alarms or cameras right away, place signs claiming you have an alarm system in windows of your business. Place a few dummy cameras around the doorway as well. A thief will not be able to tell if you truly have an alarm or if your cameras are real, especially at night. You can also keep a “Beware of Dog” sign on the premises to help scare a thief away as...

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