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3 Safety Tips When You Are Locked Out Of Your Car

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Few things are more frustrating than locking your keys in your car. If you don't have a spare set with you, then you must call a lockout service to come to your rescue. Your personal safety and that of your vehicle should be your main priority. These tips can help.

Tip #1: Check Out Your Surroundings

Make sure you feel relatively safe staying with your car. For example, that bustling parking lot you pulled into a few hours before could be empty and dark now. Look around you and make sure that there is nothing to make you feel uncomfortable. If there is, then retreat to a safe place, such as a nearby business or a well-lit bus stop, before calling for help. Another good reason to move out of a parking lot to wait is if you have young children with you – a parking lot isn't a safe place for bored, energetic kids. You don't need to wait at your car for the locksmith to arrive, but you should be close enough to meet them quickly once they do get there.

Tip #2: Call A Legitimate Service

Your best option is to call your roadside assistance provider or your insurance company if you have roadside coverage. If you do not subscribe to either of these services, then call a local locksmith or emergency lockout service. These services are licensed and bonded, so you can be sure they are trustworthy. Ask the dispatcher for the name of the technician they are sending out to help, so you can verify ID when they arrive. You may also want to ask what the fee for a lockout is upfront, so you can have the money ready when the tech arrives.

Tip #3: Be Patient

Finally, be patient. It can be tempting to use your smartphone to find a way into the vehicle. While there are many tips and tricks available, they can damage your car and they may not even work. For example, the coat hanger trick – where the hook of the coat hanger is inserted into the door to pull up the lock – can cause major damage to your car. While this trick works on older cars with push button style locks, it won't work on most newer cars. Instead, you will just end up damaging your weatherstripping or the electronics inside the door. It's better to wait for the lockout service tech than it is to chance injury to your car or to yourself. Instead, use the smartphone to play a game or read a book to pass the time.

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