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DIY: Picking The Deadbolt Lock To Your Home Entry Door

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Do you have a bad habit of misplacing your keys and now you can't get inside of the house? It doesn't take much knowledge to pick a deadbolt at the speed of a locksmith, but you must also have the right kind of tools. Find out below about the skills needed to easily pick a deadbolt, as well as what you will be charged if you opt for calling a locksmith to do the task.

What Can a Homeowner Do to Successfully Pick a Deadbolt?

The first thing that you must do is invest in the tools needed to get the deadbolt unlocked. You need a tension wrench for rotating the keyhole, and a pick for the pin and tumbler system that it is keeping the door locked.  Basically, a pin and tumbler system is constructed out of metal pins of various sizes. You must learn how to manipulate the pins in order to pick the deadbolt efficiently.

To begin picking the deadbolt, you have to insert the thin tension wrench inside the keyhole.  Use the tension wrench to turn the keyhole as if you are using your house key.  Once the keyhole is turned completely clockwise, leave it in position and insert the pick inside of the keyhole until you reach the small pins. You must then lift up the first pin with the pick. You will hear a small click when the pin is successfully lifted. Before the deadbolt will unlock, you must lift up all of the other small pins.

You can get in your house in no time if you are fast at lifting the small pins up. If you can't seem to get the door to unlock, a locksmith should be able to help you quickly (depending on your location). Even if you opt for calling a locksmith, take the time to hone your lock picking skills in case you get locked out again.

What Kind of Fees will a Locksmith Charge?

You can expect a locksmith to charge a minimum fee of at least $35 for coming to your house. However, the fee is estimated to be up to $250 on the highest end of the scale. The distance that the locksmith must travel to help you get the lock open will also be factored into the overall price. Speak to a locksmith as soon as possible if you have a hard time picking your own deadbolt!

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