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How To Keep Burglars Out Of Your Shed

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You may think that the security of your home is the most important form of security that you need to focus on, but it is important that you don't forget about other parts of your home as well. You may store very valuable belongings in your shed and if it is in a less visible spot than your front and back door, it may be a more tempting target.

Get a Hasp and Staple

To maximize your shed security, you will likely need a hasp and staple, used in combination with a padlock. This is a hinged hasp that is connected to the side of the shed door. There is also a loop on a plate that is attached to the structure and doorframe. A hinged plate protects the loop, preventing a criminal from destroying it. The bolts on the hasp must embed themselves into the wood or the burglar will be able to pry the hasp off.

Use Several Motion-Activated Lights

Placing motion-activated lights around the shed will make would-be burglars less willing to try breaking into your shed. The sudden light eliminates the advantage of targeting a secluded location under the cover of darkness. Having multiple lights set up, with a delay between them, can cause the burglar to believe that they have been spotted and that someone is turning them on.

Do Not Make Your Shed Attractive for Burglars

If your shed has windows, keep the windows covered so you do not entice burglars from breaking in. Also, how you design your landscape can affect how attractive your shed is as a target. If hardscapes and vegetation are arranged in a manner that provides hiding places, especially in front of the door, the burglar will feel more secure. Conversely, if the area around your shed makes it difficult for the burglar to reach it without being spotted or activating motion sensor lights, your shed will be less attractive.

Get a Great Door and Lock

Even if you have great locks and a hasp and staple, if the door isn't sturdy enough, the intruder may simply bust through it. The door should be made out of solid oak, steel or a similarly durable material. The lock needs to be a closed shackle padlock, not an open shackle. If you aren't sure of whether your shed is properly secured, you should consider contacting a locksmith who may have other security products available, such as pad bolts or a rim lock.