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Minimizing Robbery Risk In Your Small Business

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If you just opened your own small business, you will need to take steps in making sure it is safeguarded against potential thieves. There are ways you can increase the security of a small business by adding deterrents and obstacles to your building. Here are a few tips to try in keeping bandits from trying to gain entry to your business.

Add Hi-Security Locks

When someone purchases or rents a new building, they will most likely change the locks so no one can use a previously used key to get inside. When hiring a commercial locksmith, such as Irvine Lock & Key, to swap your locks, opt for single or double-cylinder deadbolts on your doors. These locks do not contain springs, making them less likely to be broken to gain entry. Single-cylinder locks open from the outside with a key but use a twist knob on the interior portion of the door for closing. Double-cylinder locks use a key on both the exterior and interior of the lock, making them more secure, but risky if there was an emergency and the key was inaccessible. 

Use Lighting To Deter

When there is ample illumination within and around a building, theft is less likely to occur as thieves will need to be in sight to get or be inside the building. This often scares away people from trying to steal as they may be seen by someone walking or driving past. Place motion detecting lights around your building to scare off people who get to close. Switch the lighting inside each night instead of leaving the same lights on. This way a thief cannot plan out their method of getting inside as they will not know which portion of the building will be in view. It is a good idea to put lights on timers and switch the lights throughout the night to further complicate robbery chances.

Scare Thieves With Security Measures

Placing an alarm system in your building is a good idea to keep robbers from getting inside. If a thief trips an alarm, they will most likely run away from the building so they do not get caught in action. Placing cameras around your building can also keep robbers from continuing to try to get inside. If they see a blinking light on a camera, they will retreat so the are not arrested. 

If you cannot afford alarms or cameras right away, place signs claiming you have an alarm system in windows of your business. Place a few dummy cameras around the doorway as well. A thief will not be able to tell if you truly have an alarm or if your cameras are real, especially at night. You can also keep a "Beware of Dog" sign on the premises to help scare a thief away as well.