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Checklist For Delegating An Emergency Locksmith

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One part of a great vehicle safety plan is having an emergency locksmith on hand. Some people may wait until they are locked out to look for a locksmith, but by locating a reliable company ahead of time you'll save yourself the hassle of scrambling for help. Here are some qualities to evaluate when picking an emergency locksmith.  


The best 24-hour locksmith services will have multiple ways of reaching them in a pinch. For instance, do they have an emergency hotline that is operated 24 hours a day? Some locksmiths will list both a regular office number and a direct emergency telephone number for use at odd hours. These are the best emergency locksmiths to keep on hand since you can simply store the number in your car and have it as a safeguard for whenever you may need it. 

Location Flexibility 

Some locksmiths operate under a strict service region. But there are times when you're stranded well outside of a major city and you need someone to come out to your far-out location. In this case, there are 24-hour locksmith companies that may extend their service range for an additional fee. You may need to pay a flat fee or extra mileage, for instance, but it's much better than being towed back into the city to find a nearby locksmith. 

Guaranteed Time Frame

Another feature that can be useful in a locksmith emergency is a company that will guarantee the timing of their service. For instance, you might look for companies that guarantee they will be available at your location within 30 minutes of you placing a call. Of course, this will work only if you are in their target service area. These guarantees can cut down the anxiety of not knowing how long you'll wait for locksmith service. 

Good Insurance

You may also want to choose a company with great insurance. This is especially true if you have a keyless car since those remote systems can be very expensive to replace if something goes wrong. A great emergency locksmith should be under a bond that will help guarantee that you are compensated for any damage that occurs. 

By taking these factors into account, you can select a 24-hour locksmith (such as one from National Lock & Safe Co) that will be available and reliable 24 hours of the day. Be sure to keep their numbers in with other important auto documentation so that you have it whenever you need it.