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Beef Up Security At Your Home So That You Can Enjoy Time Spent Traveling

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If you are going to be traveling to a few of your favorite destinations this summer, but are wary about leaving your home because of the risk of theft, beef up security by utilizing the following options. As a result, you won't be as likely to be the victim of a burglary while enjoying time spent away from your residence..

Security System That Is Controlled By Phone

Purchase a security system that you control with your phone so that you can keep a close eye on what is going on while you are away. Many security plans offer a wide range of features, including voice activation, night vision, scheduled alerts, and more. A residential locksmith can be hired to help you program your system so that you are comfortable using it while away. In the case of an emergency, you will be able to contact authorities quickly to apprehend a thieve or check your residence for an intruder. 

Locking Devices That Look Like Common Items 

Instead of placing your jewelry, cash, family heirlooms, or any other item of value inside of a standard safe or lock box, utilize items that a thief would not think to look inside of. Some companies that sell safes and locks also sell a line of security devices that will blend in with items that are already inside of your home. An empty drink can or medicine bottle are two examples of items that a locking device may be designed to look like.

A key will be included with your purchase so that you can gain access to your belongings as needed. It is a good idea to have duplicate copies of the key made so that you can bring one with you on your trip and hide a couple others on your residence's property in case you misplace it.

Portable GPS With Motion Sensor

A portable GPS (Global Positioning System) with motion sensor will alert you if an item is moved from the property that you own. Although this type of device will not prevent theft altogether, it will give you a heads up immediately, which will allow you to track a possession in order to reclaim it.

A portable unit can be hooked up quickly and moved and attached to a different item that you own in the future if desired. You can program your system so that you receive alerts at standard times throughout each day or only when an item is moved inside of your home or in your yard.

All of these security options will help you remain calm and relaxed while away from home. If you find that they work well when you are traveling, opt to use them on a daily basis to assist with keeping your property protected at all times.