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Additions To Make A Tenant-Friendly And Safe Community Room

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When you own a multi-unit rental property that has a community room with a computer office, laundry, and exercise room, you want your tenants to be able to use the space and enjoy their value that comes with their monthly rent. But, leaving an unsecured and unmonitored community area can lead to inappropriate activity, theft, vandalism, and misuse of the property. Here are some additions you can use in your rental property community room to keep it safe and secure but available to your tenants day and night.

Secure Door Access

When your community rental space is available and onsite for your tenants to use, they may need to get access into the area late at night, for example, to exercise or finish laundry in the coin-operated laundry facility. So, selecting the right type of commercial door with the area can give your tenants access to the rooms when they need it

A security door equipped with an electronic keypad will provide you with the security to your space and your tenants without locking them out after hours. Talk to a local commercial locksmith about installing the right type of door for your community area to keep the site safe. Your locksmith can recommend a keypad lock door or a door with key fob access. This allows you to assign each tenant with their own access card.

As a high-use commercial door, it will receive a great deal of use at all hours. Keep in mind your locksmith can help you with any maintenance or emergency repairs to keep your door working well for you and your tenants.

Security Cameras

In addition to keeping the doorways secure with electronic locks, you can also add security cameras inside your community areas. A security camera will record all the traffic in and out of the entrance, especially at night when your property management staff are not onsite. Then, if any incidents or damage occurs to your property, you can review the footage to find out who was inside the property during these times.

Motion-Activated Lights

After the sun has set, darkness provides criminals a cover to attempt to break into or damage your community room. But if you install motion-activated lights on the exterior and the interior of your property it will help you keep your tenants and property safe.

Lights on the outside of the property can illuminate the area when someone arrives onsite, but because the lights are not on continually it will help lower your power bill. Lights on the inside can similarly turn on when residents come into the space and may not be able to find their way in the dark. Check out websites like for more information and ideas.