Choosing New Door Locks

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3 Ways A Locksmith Can Help Protect Your Business

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Do you have a commercial building and are worried about security when you are not there? It may help to use a commercial locksmith to help improve your security in the following ways.

Reinforce Locking Cylinders

Many buildings have aluminum doors with large panes of glass, which have a simple mortise lock that extrudes past the front of the door's surface. Unfortunately, these mortise locks are incredibly simple to remove if they're not installed correctly. Someone can easily remove the lock with simple channel locks by gripping the locking cylinder and turning it until it comes off. They can then pull back on the locking mechanism to get inside the building without breaking any glass. 

The solution to this problem is to place a cylinder guard around the mortise lock on each exterior door of your building. It's essentially a metal collar that is allowed to rotate freely around the mortise lock so that the channel grips cannot easily grip onto the cylinder. It is a relatively cheap part that will help improve the security of your building.

Rekey Locks

Do you have an employee that recently left your company, but they had keys to the building at some point? You never know what they did with those keys while they were in their possession, since they could have made duplicates of the keys and have an extra set at home. You'll likely want to change the locks on your building but might not know the best way to go about doing it. 

Thankfully, you do not need to buy all new locksets to rekey your building's locks. A locksmith can actually rekey all of the cylinders so that the locks use the same hardware but will now require a new key to get inside. In addition, locks can be rekeyed so that they all use the same key. There will no longer be the need to have a huge key ring with keys to every exterior door since they will use the same key, which will be a nice perk of doing the job in this manner.

Install Door Braces

You may have concerns about someone kicking in the door to your building to force their way inside. One solution to this problem is to install door braces. They are typically installed in the floor. They are a piece of metal that will prevent the door from being pushed in by force. A locksmith can help install these on exterior doors in places where someone could force their way inside.