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4 Indicators It Is Time To Replace Your Door Locks

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As an intelligent homeowner, it is your responsibility to protect your home from intruders. The locks to your doors are a crucial aspect of the home's access control. Therefore, you should always think of them as a part of the primary home security system. Being on the lookout for signs of weakness or tampering can help you avoid break-in incidences, theft, and vandalism. Here are the four common signs that it is time to replace the locks in your home. 

When the Handles and Knobs Are Loose

Your door handles and knobs come with both rigid and movable parts. The movable parts rub against one another, which leads to friction and wearing out. You will need something simple like a screwdriver to tighten the mechanism when it gets loose. On the other hand, if you fix the lock and it becomes loose within a few days, it could indicate that the door frame and other supporting structures can no longer hold the door in place. It is best to call a locksmith to replace your locks because a loose doorknob threatens your security. 

When Your Keys Get Lost or Stolen

It is inconvenient to lose the keys to your door. It is even scarier to spend several days without knowing where the keys are or if someone might have taken them and will try to access your home when you are away. You should report the loss of the keys to your security service provider as soon as you notice the keys are missing. Additionally, you should also call in a locksmith to help you regain access to your home and replace the locks on your doors. 

When the Locks Are Worn and Torn

Maintenance is an excellent way to ensure that your locks serve you for many years. However, the stress caused by the repetitive motion of the keys inside the keyhole is enough to cause some damage to the locking mechanism over time. It is advisable to speak to a locksmith to inspect your old door locking mechanisms and decide whether they need a replacement. 

When You Change the Neighborhood

Moving into a new home means that it might take time to understand the community and the level of security. To be secure, you should consider replacing the locks on your door immediately after you move in.

Calling a local professional locksmith for home lock repairs can help you resolve countless security issues. With their help, you can keep your home safe at all times.