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Three Ways To Improve The Security Of Your Front Door And Deter Break-Ins

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Do you live in a neighborhood that is prone to break-ins? Has there been an attempted burglary on your property? If so, you need to rethink the security of your front door. Front doors are common targets for burglars, especially if they have weak frames or locks that can be picked. Check out these three tips to improve the security of your front door and protect your home from break-ins.

Upgrade Your Front Door Lock

The front door lock is the first line of defense against unauthorized entry into your home. If your lock can easily be picked, bumped, or knocked with a hammer, your home isn't secure. Upgrade the lock with a burglar-deterrent one, such as a deadbolt lock. Deadbolt locks have a unique built-in locking device that can only be opened with a key. The locking device cannot be forced back into the door; therefore, it helps prevent unauthorized entry.

When buying a deadbolt lock, opt for a double-cylinder lock, which has a key slot on both sides. Therefore, if an intruder attempts to break in, the key in the interior lock will prevent them from unlocking the door. Invest in a high-quality deadbolt lock with sturdy materials that cannot be tampered with. You can also install a lockable door knob as an added layer of security on your front door.

Install a Heavy-Duty Strike Plate

A strike plate is a metal plate fastened to the door frame. It guides the bolt into the receiving hole in the jamb and holds it in place. Inferior or poorly fitted strike plates allow burglars to kick in the door easily and access the home. Therefore, you need a sturdy strike plate to strengthen the door lock and deter forced intrusion. The strike plate should be made of heavy-duty metal and anchored to the door frame. It should also align with the lock's latch bolt to prevent break-ins due to lock misalignment.

Set Up a Monitored Alarm and Surveillance System

Door alarms and surveillance systems are great burglar-deterrent security systems. Front-door alarms have sensors that trigger an alert when someone opens the door. Conversely, surveillance systems provide video footage of activity around your front door. The footage provides evidence of an intrusion and can be used to apprehend burglars.

However, alarms and surveillance systems require monitoring for them to be effective. If intruders suspect your alarm system is unmonitored, they will try to break into your home. Therefore, contract a security company for 24/7 monitoring of your surveillance systems. If your alarm goes off or there is suspicious activity at your front door, the company will send police officers to your home.

The above measures will protect your home from successful intrusions through the front door. Contact a locksmith for professional lock installation and security upgrades on your property.