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4 Benefits Of Rekeying Your Locks

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One service that a locksmith can provide is rekeying locks. This is when they remove the current tumbler within the lock and change the pins so that it requires a new key to open it. Here are a few reasons why it is worth hiring a locksmith to rekey your locks.

Improve Security 

Have you lost track of who has keys to your home? There may be a cleaning service that never returned the key, a friend that has a key that you forgot about, or even a hidden key that has gone missing. Rekeying the locks is going to improve your home's security. You'll get a fresh start where you know exactly who has the key to get inside and you can be careful about how you limit access. 

Save Money

The process of rekeying your home's locks is going to be a very cost-effective way to improve security. The alternative is to purchase brand-new locks, remove the old locks, and install the new locks. Rekeying is not only cheaper than buying new locks, but it's not wasteful either. There is no reason to buy new locks when you can use the existing ones.

Save Time

Think of how much time it would take if you were to change out those locks on your own. The process of shopping around for a lock that matches your home's existing door hardware is time-consuming on its own. It's then up to you to go through the process of changing out all those locks with new ones, which can take you a long time when you are not experienced with doing it. A locksmith is going to get the job done in a fraction of the time and get the job done the right way. 

Offer Convenience 

Do you currently have multiple keys that are needed to get into all of your exterior doors? This may be a huge annoyance as you fumble through all of the different keys just to figure out which one opens the door. Rekeying a home's locks means that you're able to make all of the locks use a single key. This includes knob locks, deadbolts, screen door locks, and pretty much any type of locking mechanism used to get into your home. 

Convinced that you should rekey your home's locks? Reach out to a locksmith in your area to find out how you can get this service done for your home.