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Residential Deadbolt Lock — Installation Tips For DIY Homeowners

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Deadbolt locks are great options for residential properties because they're hard to pick with things like knives and credit cards. If you just purchased one and now need to set it up, remember these tips.

Mark Setup Location Carefully

For a deadbolt to work effectively on a residential door, you need to mark it appropriately before you proceed to installation. You don't have to be a professional to have success either. All it takes is proper knowledge of the appropriate location for a deadbolt.

You'll want to mark an area a couple of inches above the doorknob. You may want to play around with different distances too to see what you feel looks best. Once you find a suitable location, mark off where you'll drill a hole. Such a simple step will ensure the deadbolt fits in with your door's aesthetics and works great.  

Use a Hole Saw For Drilling

As mentioned above, you must drill a hole where you plan to put a deadbolt. A useful tool for such a task is a hole saw, an instrument that's specifically designed to cut holes into a wide variety of materials. It will leave you with defect-free holes every time.

Just make sure you assess your door's materials before you choose a hole saw from a supplier or rent one from a tool shop. The hole saw should be compatible with the material, whether it's wood, steel, or aluminum. Drilling/cutting will then go as planned.

Install a Strike Plate as Well

Deadbolt locks are the go-to security solution for a lot of property owners, but you can make them even more secure by adding a strike plate. It's typically made from durable metal like deadbolts and is secured around the doorjamb. The door's bolt moves inside the strike plate and subsequently better protects the door from kick-ins.

Even if someone uses a lot of force to kick down your door, the strike plate gives your deadbolt more security. Just make sure the strike plate has the proper dimensions to fit the doorjamb perfectly so that you have a smooth installation to look forward to.

If you want to increase the security of a door on your residential property, deadbolt locks are amazing options. Once you select a lock, take your time planning its setup so that you don't damage the door, hurt yourself, or get poor installation results in the end.

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